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Inco Gnito

Any vapor-chest rub gel will do. Vicks or any other store brand.
The fungus bacteria cannot take the Camphor and Menthol that is in the gel.
It will eliminate the fungus !
Trim and clean your toes. Dry well.
Apply on infected toes the gel rub from the small tab, using the tip of finger, in the morning and at night, before going to sleep.
Use for 10 days or more.
The fungus will be gone.
Clean and trim your nails and scrape any old fungus from under the nails.
*You can also use any mouthwash, better the light color, or your toes will be blue for awhile, put your toes into a deep plastic bowl and pour the mouthwash until your toes are covered.
Leave them for 20 minutes or more, twice a day for couple of weeks.
After each use, cover the liquid and re-use it for 3 days, than put fresh mouthwash. I did both, they worked well, but the vapor rub gel is easier to use, less hassle. Good luck with it.
Happy toes to you !

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