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I have been putting off going to dentist. got a tooth w a hole in it, filling popped out. I was eating a porkchop and broke a piece off. Been getting crazy pains thru my jaw n down my neck, feels inflamed n kinda pressurized in lymph node. even to my adam's apple n behind my ear. I know ICE is good for inflammation, and it helps my neck. Naproxen Sodium is a good anti-inflammatory. Ibuprofen, aspirin can also help. Stuffed some baby oragel teething gunk in my tooth hole and it calms it from shooting into my jaw. Wish I had regular oragel but my gf told me to try it.. its like a cherry paste which actually packs better into the tooth n stays there cause its gritty. its like the cherry grit they clean your teeth with at the dentist with a lil numbing action. Milk helps. water, anything not acidic. Keep the tooth happy, and your neck n jaw wont hurt. Hot coffee is no good, made it hurt every sip .. They say warm salt water helps, but heat isn't good for inflammation. I find cooling it helps. Need to goto dentist but its Christmas. lol Merry Christmas good luck!

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