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Ladies, I have been a sufferer for about a year and just could not find treatment. Finally, I found a post where the male partner was also treated with antibiotics. Do not listen to your doctor when they tell you that it's not possible for the male to be the carrier of this infection. Research does not back up that myth. What you need to do is treat yourself at the same time your partner is taking the antibiotics, (metronidazole) and avoid sex during the treatment. Your partner will keep infecting you if he is not treated. You will be frustrated after treating yourself with antibiotics, yet you're getting infected right after symptoms go away. Since I have done this, I have been BV free! I have also started using the summers eve sensitive cleanser. If you want to get rid of your BV, you need to get your partner treated. Good Luck!

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How can your partner be treated if it's not an std and how can u pass on your vaginal imbalance ?


Correct.....its a ph imbalance. Semens ph is very high therefore causing the problem.


After over a year of having reoccurring BV infections, which was usually a day or so after having intercourse with my husband of 15 yrs, my doctor was able to convince his PCP to treat him with the antibiotics. We both abstained till we finished the meds and little longer. After the first time we had intercourse same thing happened. So sorry to some who were hoping this may work, but it did not in our case. Still trying to find what works, aside from abstinence or using condoms.

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