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Well, Ill be a warning here. I have had Anxiety and Panic disorder in full for about 11 years now but, while I didnt know what it was at the time, I have had it since I was about 12. 11 years ago however it hit me hard. One day in work I literally couldnt talk without choking, which is a bit of a problem working on phones, so made my excuses and legged it to the toilet. At this stage it was just anxiety attacks which came and left quick enough. They became so frequent though that I decided to travel to Asia, mainly so I could quit the job and get away from it.

Next couple of months were ok. Some places in Asia hand out valium like chocolate bars so that helped! Never overdid them though but they got me through and even helped me feel better without using them but knowing they were there if I needed them. I get home from that trip and bang! Full on anxiety disorder again with added panic and same type of job working on phones (this time I was offered the overnight shift which I took without hesitation! At most 1 other person around so less the extra pay was nice!) Again though, it became too much and AGAIN I chose the travel route to get away. Should add that travelling causes me a huge amount of anxiety but dare I say...I could get pills from the doctor if I was travelling so was all good. Second travel stint anyway, didnt go well! Eventually got to the point where I couldnt leave my room, constant anxiety and panic attacks were hitting me hard and decided enough is enough so cut it short and came home. That was January 2007 and I havent worked since. Im back in college now and to be honest it is killing me. My doc gives me 15 Xanax a month (which lasts about 5 days) and every other day I drink to get through it. At this stage I drink about 350ml (half a 70cl bottle) of vodka before college everyday. I always wonder if I had looked for help when it first hit me around 2004, whether my life would be better now. I waited over 2 years keeping it secret from everyone and I think that set a path that I dont know if I can come back from. At this stage even a 10 minute car journey terrifies me to the point of near blackout. Moral is, if you even think you have anxiety and panic disorder, look into it right away as it gets worse and worse over time. More and more places become unbearable and eventually you will turn to unhealthy means of getting through unless you look to hit it early. Untreated it destroys many lives (including mine) so please dont end up like me and get it checked out asap. Embarrassment stopped me from seeking help. I can openly talk about it now without feeling embarrassed but wish I did 10 years ago. Maybe I wouldnt be the person I am now if I had. Anyway, sorry for the rant but I know many people who have managed to address it and manage it. I left it so long that I cant. Im 32 now and havent had a sober day since I was 28 apart from a few which were unbearable. Please, go to your GP and talk if you even think you suffer from it.

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Anonymous recommends high volumes of real niacin not niacinamide often found in what they are selling as niacin so read your labels and high doses of vitamin c. Please google or go right to the website I gave and learn how to do this. Anxiety and as a result alcoholism via self medicating is rampant and life ruining in my family and I couldn't let it destroy me too.

Anne Xiety

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