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december in Texas

Last July 2013 I felt with severe dizziness, I couldn't balance in walking..If I stand up, walking it makes me almost thrown terrible. So, I went to the doctor and he found an earwax
In my ears he said I had inner ear infection which affects my balancing. So, he cleaned my ears and prescribed me a Cinnarizine (dizzinon). IT really helps and made my vertigo gone. But, after a year and 4mos. Vertigo attacked again but when the doctor checked my ears are clearly. Probably, cause of stress and lack of sleep. And I took again the cinnarizine and really helps. I just want to ask does anybody tried taking the VERTICALM? Is it effective? Having a severe dizziness/vertigo is a terrible to anybody.

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rupali khadse

Which doctor treatment u took.can u give me contact num of doctor or fatherillow is suffring from this diseases

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