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The last 2 days I have been in absolute agony. My wisdom tooth on the bottom left has been sore on and off for years but never as bad as it is now. After reading here and examining it, I think it basically growing against the jaw bone at the back of my mouth which is in turn pushing it into the next tooth (I originally thought it was broken but not sure now). Anyway, like many I cant afford the dentist bill right now so looking for alternatives. I tried mouthwash which works for a few mins but thats it. From reading here I got the idea to try throat medicine that numbs a sore throat. I tried a lozenge called Tyrozets which has an anesthetic. Slowly bit into it with the affected tooth and let it dissolve in that area. Still a small amount of pain but about 5% of what it was. I know it wont last long either but deffo longer than the mouthwash. So far its been relieved for about 40 mins so a lot longer than the mouthwash.

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So far this is working thank you!!


Good to hear :) I also found holding a tiny amount of either vodka or cold water helps too. Cold water only works for a min or so tho. I have a new thing now tho. My gum around the tooth has become massively inflamed. To the extent that I have swelling beside the tooth but also on the outside of my lower jaw to under my chin. Basically a straight line of swelling from that tooth, around the lower jaw and into my chin if that makes sense. Only started yesterday so will give it a day or 2 to see if it goes but a trip to the dentist might be the only option. Hate the dentist thing so fingers crossed lol

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Try clove oil orEugenol (85%). Which is both are available and most pharmacy's. And warm salt water rinses helped me. I broke a molar in half and it was pain to the point of almost vomiting. Bent my knee backwards and it hurt less. This remedy helped for a a week waiting for an extraction. It still hurt but even with an infection to my jaw I was able to work 60 -hrs a week and get it pulled with no complications or infection. Honey or coconut oil also can help with infections. But the clove oil after the extraction helped a lot. No pain meds not even Tylenol. Was working in the garden the same day. Sore yes but bareable


You have to be VERY careful when dealing with an infected tooth. I had an infection in my lower left wisdom tooth. I was in so much I couldn't do anything but cry. Two days later my whole jaw and throat were killing me. I could barely open my mouth, couldn't even eat. Finally I gave up and went to the emergeny room. They rushed me in and put me on antibiotics immediately. The infection spread fast through my jaw and into my throat where there was pus pockets. If I had waited another day, those pus pockets could have blocked my air ways and I could have died. If you don't have insurance, go to the ER! Not to scare anyone, but any infection is nothing to wait around for. Good luck!

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