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Joy dish detergent and white vinegar mixture will instantly kill Ticks and Fleas on your pets, this is also safe for newborn puppies. We just had a litter of 14 pit pups and unfortunately they got ticks from their mama bringing them in from outside, what a miracle mixture! And totally safe for ll ages of dogs......... And inexpensive too! Just wanted to share.

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Sounds good - mixing instructions would also be helpful. What ratio of each? Is mixture straight, or diluted with water?


Can't find ratio for using Joy dish soap & white vinegar to kill ticks. Any help would be appreciated.


O@e se give us ratio for tick killer with joy and vinegar am desperate with my dogs problem


Yes it 50/50 or 60/ 40 will try thanks!


Was wondering how flea collars work has anyone had success with them want to maintain my dog flea and tick free


Just mix the two ingredients and how to apply?

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