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Oregano oil is an absolute miracle. Truly. I have been plagued with cold sores for what seems like my entire life, and while I've found some things are mildly effective, nothing has been as effective as oregano oil. In the past, I've found that l-lysine is fairly effective at preventing cold sores if taken daily and it definitely shortens the duration if you take it once you have a cold sore. I've also had some success preventing cold sores from fully developing if, as soon as I feel the tingle, I apply ice for 10-15 minutes followed by applying a cotton pad soaked in colloidal silver for 30 seconds. Repeat the process until the tingle goes away. that only works if you catch it immediately and even then, every once in a while, the ice/colloidal silver doesn't work even when applied immediately. A few months ago was one of those times, I felt what I thought was a tingle and immediately went to work with the ice and colloudal silver. By the time I went to bed, I was confident I'd caught it in time because i hadn't felt it tingle for at least an hour. I fell asleep and woke up a few hours later to find it had returned with a vengeance. I did the ice and colloidal and took 4 lysine tablets but to no avail. I could tell it was getting out of control fast. For the next few hours, I continued with the ice intermittently and I tried applying hydrogen peroxide and alcohol intermittently (you have to be careful not to puncture the blisters or touch it with your hands. I use q-tips when applying anything and am careful not to touch other parts of my face or lips after the q-tip has been in contact with the cold sore). Nothing was working and the cold sore started to balloon and turn into a mutant. Desperate, I started googling other home remedies. I read through the usual suggestions of abreva, nail polish remover, etc., but I'd tried those in the past with little success. Then I found a few posts suggesting tea tree oil or oil of oregano. I'd tried tea tree oil on past occasions and it had been helpful but not magic. However, oil of oregano was something I'd never heard of for cold sores. I rushed to earth fare and picked up certified organic oil of oregano made with extra virgin olive oil. By the time I had paid for it, the cold sore was worse than any one i'd ever previously had. I got in my car, soaked a few q-tips with the oil of oregano and applied it directly to the cold sore. Immediately, the tingle stopped. it didn't burn when I initially applied but there's a growing warmth/burning sensation the longer the oil of oregano sits on the cold sore. It also is kind of unpleasant when it gets in your mouth but I was prepared for that as I'd used it previously for a case of oral thrush. By the time I got home from earth fare like 15 minutes later, I was amazed when I looked in the mirror. The blisters had shrunken dramatically. I continued to apply oregano oil intermittently for the next few hours until I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, the blisters were nearly completely flat. i continued with the oregano oil intermittently and by the end of the next days, most of the blisters were completely gone. Only a small portion scabbed and by the following morning, even the part that had scabbed just looked like very chapped lips. since then, as soon as I feel the tingle, I alternate applying oil of oregano and ice. I've yet to have another cold sore actually develop.

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I love oil of oregano as well. I've been a victim of hsv all my life and finally found something that shortens healing time drastically. Try it if you have not people.

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