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For dogs breeds that commonly get hotspots (oozy sores that appear overnight, get rapidly larger, and cause hair to fall out--all for no apparent reason and more common in hot, humid summers), such as labs, bird dogs, and pugs, you can visit the vet, buy the tube of ointment and treat it for two weeks or more before it slowly disappears or you can try this remedy: Take sulfur powder (also called flour of sulfur and available at the pharmacy) and mix it with enough rubbing alcohol to form a thick paste. Cake it onto the affected area of your dog and leave it there until it dries and falls off on its own. Do this for two days. It will sting the dog when it is first applied, but it goes away. The sore will dry up, heal, and hair will regrow. The cost is very cheap--less than 10 cents per treatment.

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