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I read these remedies, added a few of them to my own and got great relief. WOW! My whole face and arms are covered in poison ivy. Swollen and miserable. I wet some dolomite clay, smudged it all over my face, neck, and arms and let it dry. It itched like crazy and I felt like I was turning into a dried raisen, but alot of the puffiness went out of my face. When I could stand it no longer, I took the hottest bath I could stand to rinse off. The bath had a lot of salt and baking soda in it. OOOh that felt good. After a good soak, I rubbed salt gently onto all my itchy spots. OW that stung! I let it set as long as I could stand, then rinsed again. I am a new person! I had four hours of total relief. The swelling has stayed down in my face. I have had some spots of itchiness, but nothing bad ever since. When it itches, I find something that stings like the salt or vinegar. When it oozes, I use something that dries, like dome boro (Awesome stuff) or dolomite or baking soda. When It feels too dry and cracky, I soothe it with aloevera. Thank you God, and thank you every body! I was planning on going to the doc tomorrow, but I will not have too.

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