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This is for PMS. Symptoms: Breast tenderness, loss libido,mood swings,depression, bloating,cramps,etc. I take 2 1000ml tablets a day of EveningPrimrose with vitamin E once a day. I suffered from severe PMS and wanted a natural way to help with symptoms. I found results within a month and have been on the it for 2 1/2 yrs. with no reoccurrance of symptoms.

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I had severe dysmenorrhea (period pain) for 20 years. The doc had me on prescription pain killers and I was still in agony, had tried everything even a Tens machine. In desperation I saw a naturopath who prescribed vitamin E, magnesium and starflower oil in the second half of my cycle. The pain disappeared within a few cycles, but if I ever lapse it comes back. Please try it.

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