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In order to reduce dark circles under your eyes, i found that putting a warm teabag on them helps a bit. I just use the teabag right after making a cup of tea so its still warm.

Put it UNDER YOUR EYE. or if you're weird try putting it in your eye!

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I'm a obstetric technician and i wouldn't suggest putting tea bags on your eyes for any reason they are a breading ground for bacteria and they will stain your eyes so unless you want brown infected eyes i wouldn't do it.


haha how catty is this website? lol i think some people have a few 'issues' that they need to sotr out before they verbally attack someone who they don't even know just because they may have said something that they did not agree with!
people who commented so viciously i have a hint ... count to ten and take deep breathes :P haha


AMEN post before me :))


Lol funniest thing i have seen all week. Women arguing about tea bags on the internet. Come on ladies .... Wind ur necks in


There are enough people saying use green tea bags that I think this MUST work.

But what I really liked was the laugh I got that brightened my day when you said 'or if you're really weird put it in your eye' . hahah! A laugh a day will keep the doctor away.

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