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for canker sores treatment may I suggest you try to drink planty of water.. for me I been having kanker sores when I was very young and every time I had one.. the canker sore got very big and last very long... mostly I would bit on my bottom lips every time I stay up late or eating spicy foods...and the canker would start forming (like a half a pies size) .. I had try many home remedy even the one that my family doctor provided it didn't seem to work for me.. but recently I realized maybe because I didn't drink enough water... so I decide to try and see.. wow amazingly! it did work.. my canker it heal a lot faster and now it didn't seem I get that too often..

I hope this would help who's ever out there that are suffering from these nasty canker sores..

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santa claus

you are a fucking retard....PIE size???? must have a big mouth!
water..I think not...DUMB ASS!?!?!


hmmmm I don;t know about this one I drink more than a gallon of water a day and i still get them BUT if it works for you keep it up!


water does work. it helps clean out ur system, i experienced the same thing, but doesnt always work


What!?!?!?!? the point is to dry out your canker sore not moisten it stupid.


I too drink about 2-4 16+ bottles of water per day -- doesn't help. I'll go with the toothpaste try or the soda. it does sooth


I doubt this work, because water is the only liquid I've been drinking and I have 3 canker sores in my mouth right now... so no.

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