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Mary Taylor

My son had ringworm on his thigh. he had used prescription and otc antifungals, but the ringworm never cleared up. I gave him a tube of prepared Wasabi paste (Japanese horseradish)and told him to rub it on the spots in the morning and before going to bed. It totally cleared the ringworm. Two years later he got ringworm on his waist. The Wasabi cleared it totally again.

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Dear lord I hope this works! It burns almost as bad on the skin as it does on the tongue!!! My prob is that I thought it was an Eczama out brake that I have been gotten off and on since I was a child, but I was wrong. I am the only one in the house hold that has gotten it, so it was a easy mistake to make. At this point I am desporate...


I am using the wasabi for six ringworms on my body. It is burning and I hope it works as good for me as it did for you. Will keep you posted.

Lynda from Georgia

I too have used the wasabi and LOVED it! It took the itch out almost immediately and the rash has dried up. This is my third day, but just the fact that the itching has stopped was worth it


Garlic can also help with ringworm. Mash up a few cloves and put it in a piece of cloth. Put the wrapped up garlic over the ringworm once or twice a day until gone.


Was tipsy at a sushi restaurant and tried this after contracting a spot of ringworm from a kitten I rescued. Gotta say- even just one application worked. Randomly found this site because I googled to see if someone else had ever done the same thing!

Put the paste on until it stops itching/burning a little- for me this was 5-8 min. It completely stopped itching at all after that and never came back.

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