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This sounds crazy but nothing else was working for me anymore - peanut butter! I think it must have something to do with the oils in it. I put a dab on the gum by the tooth and almost right away the pressure and pain stopped.

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Ty so much cant sleep its 2:04 and now time to hit the hay.. To think i wAs going to smash it out


I was having so much pain, that I wanted to hit the wall, with my face! OMG the pain meds weren't working, I was so desperate that I got on the internet and found a few remedies after trying mouthwash and salt water. This really works, peanut butter. Even if it doesn't stop all the pain, I will take this temporary solution until I can get to the Dentist, thank you so, so much.


Was realllly skeptical but would rather try...thanks- it took the edge off really quick!


Who would have ever thought it?? I didnt believe it either. I broke off a tooth at the gum line that had a filling in it and talk about excrutiating pain! I didnt know what to do. Its late Sunday evening, nothing open, so I was willing to do anything to kill that pain. I do mean anything! I tried the vanilla it didnt help, then my 2nd try was the pb.
Withing a minute or two the pain had eased up. Thirty minutes later, I packed pb on the tooth again. No more pain, the next day, Monday I got up and went to the dentist. He laughed. He said, yes it really works. I was amazed. It really DOES work. I am so grateful for this site. It was unbelievably the most helpful and of course inexpensive home remedy.


works pretty good. i was impressed.

Anonymous roommate had a bad we tried it..he claims it DID work right away...BUT..he also claims it fades away fast...and he had to keep using it...


Worked great! Should be used carefully though. I'm pretty sure that if your toothache is a result of a rotting tooth it's going to make it hurt worse.

the man without a smile

ok so it stll hurts but what a life saver 1 minute ago i wanted to die this works!!!


peanut butter worked for me ... Less then 5min

AJ Garrison

THIS IS AMAZING!!! It def calmed the pain down in a matter of seconds... its not completely gone, but with pain like i had... im not complaining

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