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This sounds crazy but nothing else was working for me anymore - peanut butter! I think it must have something to do with the oils in it. I put a dab on the gum by the tooth and almost right away the pressure and pain stopped.

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pnut butter lover for life

wow! skepetical but it does WORK. Rubbed on my gums and teeth and it has numbed! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I got kids and they need my full attention..thank god for PEANUT BUTTER!!
btw..creamy works best!!!

Joe in St. Louis

OK I've been up ALL damn night with the most severe pain I have ever felt in my entire life. My teeth are all pretty bad due to years of neglect for fear of the dentist. I've been using Severe pain formula Orajel, cloves, asprin, vicodin, salt, baking soda... but I'll be damned if this sumbitchin PB didn't work. I wish I found this site last night before I about did the Tom Hanks thing from Castaway (LOL) Thanks for the idea.


Thank you so much! I didnt have anything else in my house but the peanut butter. I was scared at first, then i tried it and it worked! thanks so much!!


thank you SO FFINgg much
i almost died in painn
OMG i love peanut butter too so thats awesome :P


lol, I keep trying it but I can't stop licking it. so it's not really working for me.


My GOD,It works!!! Bless you! you are my favorite person.


thanks, i don't even like peanut butter but I couldn't find baking soda in my cabinet. It worked!




I was not sure if i should try it... it was my last solution so i did and it really worked!!!! i can not believe how amazing this is..!!!!!!thanx so much!!!!

sean byrnes

thanks it worked love you so much i can go 2 sleep now

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