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This sounds crazy but nothing else was working for me anymore - peanut butter! I think it must have something to do with the oils in it. I put a dab on the gum by the tooth and almost right away the pressure and pain stopped.

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I read all the comments because I didn't believe it. I went to the Kitchen, put a small amount on my gums ..and YES the pain reduces. Doesn't go away completely but now it doesn't feel like a sharp horrible pain!


I have been having pain in my teeth for a week or so do to sinus pain on the top and some shifting on the bottom. Last night the pain was so intense again that I thought that I was going crazy. It was around 3a.m when I looked online and came across this site. I kept thinking about what I have already tried and what I had on hand at 3 in the morning. The only thing I had was the peanut butter. I was skeptical and waited awhile to try it. Then around 4:30 a.m.I was still in so much pain and so tired because I hadn't slept yet, so I tried the PB. To my surprise it worked almost instantly! I was able to lay down and go right to sleep with no pain and no pressure. Thank you so much, this is a life saver.


This really worked on my tooth pain. I had a tooth that cracked on the side nearest my skin. Until tonight it was pretty much fine but for some reason it's very, very painful. I put peanut butter all over it and within less than a minute the throbbing and pressure went away. When the peanut butter get's too soft I swallow it and put more on. Really works! Thanks for the tip.. :)


WOW I tried this and it DIDN'T first!! The first time I tried it, things just got worse. The only thing that was really providing any relief was very cold ice water swished around (go figure) but it only lasted long enough to swish it around and swallow and then I had to quickly take another drink..........I was starting to float away. Gave the peanut butter another try and finally relief!! I used a GOB and just stuck it in my cheek with the infected tooth..made me look swollen, when really I am not. Anyway THANK YOU to the original poster........after 3 nights of not sleeping (literally) I may actually get to get some shut eye tonight.


insane. my girlfriend was in TEARS, crazy in pain over her toothache. screaming and yelling...i've tried painkillers, warm water, warm rag, everything i could muster. nothing helped. finally, went to the peanut butter and almost instantly..couldn't have been more than 45 seconds...her pain was easing off! thanks a lot, she was about to rip her head off..and mine. :)

Alexis Breanne

Wow thank you!I'm only 12 and my tooth has a cavity and my wisdom tooth is coming in, as if i did'nt have enough pain, the vanilla didn't work for me and neither did pain killers. I began to get desprate because i have school in the morning and it's 11:43 at night.
It helped quite a bit not all the way but it helped!


It is working! I hate to take drugs but was in so much pain I gave in. It only lightly dulled it. I tried the p. butter and the first time it made it hurt worse! This is because it came straight from the refrigerator and the cold aggravated it. Then I tried it again after warming it up for a few seconds in my mouth first. Yea! Thanks!


I thought this was just to crazy to be true. But after trying EVERYTHING.... I drank half a bottle of Vodka last night just so I could go to sleep. Anyway this realy helped! Thank You so much!!!!


Worked instantly thanks I feel so much better.



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