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This sounds crazy but nothing else was working for me anymore - peanut butter! I think it must have something to do with the oils in it. I put a dab on the gum by the tooth and almost right away the pressure and pain stopped.

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I can say it definitely takes the edge off. I combined the PB with vanilla extract and finally have some relief.


this did not work at all and like everyone else it made it worse


ok I have a 6 year lil princess my daughter she has been screaming for day and we have tried everything and this really works she stoped screaming I LOve Who ever came up with this idea she sees the dentist in the morning and hopefuly it will be taken care of Thank you FROM JESSIE GREEN


ok at first it did nothing then it made it worse for a min but as then it literally went from pounding to nothing, and i finally got some sleep, so if u can take the pain for a min or to it works.


it wont work for nerver pain! if you have a open never let a fresh piece of garlic sit were the nerve is for anout 2 hours after about 30 mins you feel a slight burn not to bad will kill the nerve for about 3-6 mounths works for me untell the nerve grows back


peanut butter!! who woulda thunk it :) i have had my tooth fixed but i guess the cavity was to deep and damaged my nerve so now i have to wait for my next app to get it pulled or root canal.. i have gone though a bottle of advil and tylenol!!! i was even looking to get painkillers online!!!!
thank you!!!

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