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This sounds crazy but nothing else was working for me anymore - peanut butter! I think it must have something to do with the oils in it. I put a dab on the gum by the tooth and almost right away the pressure and pain stopped.

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I might need to have a root canal then it took the pressure away but the pain in still there...the more peanut butter I eat the more the pain goes away though..and I just lost 10lbs..I guess its comming back..


Didnt work for me at all i have taken pain reliever, bc powder, tramadol none of these worked pain would ease up for a second then come back full force. The peanut butter didnt phase my pain. I gargled with Hydrogen peroxide and it took the pain away for a very short time. Then it came back every one or two minutes i had to gargle again but is ny far the only thing that gave me any kind of ease even if it was a just a minute or two.


Thank god for the internet or was it al gore? anyhoo I had gargled with listerine and it took the pain away but ran out, tried the salt water worked a little, taste unappealing, then came across this, WORKS GREAT, took away pain in ear, and tooth about 80% and taste good. have molar with filling broken in back. yea have to use over and over but relief is sitting in cupboard.


Peanutbutter it really works!! Whomever thought of this was a genius.


OMG! Thank you so much. I have been suffering from a toothache for some time now and decided to google ways to relieve it and came across your site. I started reading and found this remedy and read some of the comments so I tried it. It worked instantly. This gives me another reason to love Peanut Butter even more. Thank you again!


It work temporary, I was up all night, iy took a minute or so to start, but it was better than nothing, Thanks!!!


sweet baby Jesus! it works!! thanks guys it sounded crazy at the beginning but it works!! it works! my butter was cold, so try one that is not cold ok! good look and hope it works!!


Wow... it actually DID work. I was skeptical, but not anymore! Thanks!

Ms Juan

OMG, Thank you Jesus It WORKED I've been taking 2 Mortin 600 & a Oxycodone that I had left from my back surgey this past summer every 8 hour and was still in so much pain that I couldn't even sit down let along lay down. I even tried the baken soda & it didn't work. So thank you so much for tell other's about peanut butter I don't know why it works BUT it does.

bailey joy

WOW that really works !

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