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This may sound weird, but it works for chigger bite itch. As soon as you notice an itch associated with chiggers, take a hair dryer(handheld blow-dryer), turn it on 'high', and hold it a few inches from the bite. Continue to hold it there until the heat becomes uncomfortable (a few seconds). After the heat subsides from your skin, the itch will be gone!

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I tried it and it kinda worked for about a minute, and then it started itching again. I've had my chigger bites for a few days though so I'm not sure if that made a difference or not.


works alot better with hot water. start off warm, then turn it hot until it hurts ha ha. the ich will be gone for approx. 6 hours. the water trick works extremely well on poison ivy. thats when i discovered it when i was about 7 or 8 y/o.

Lisa B.

I tried everything for my chigger bites! I bought chigger bite cream, benadryl, after bite and some other bite cream; none of these worked. The after bite helped for a little while.I even soaked in epsom salt water that also helps but only for an hour or so. Finally I used the blow dryer and success I actually slept thru the night I used blow dryer again in the morning just to be sure I could make it thru the day at work. Try the blow dryer if it doesn't work I would say you didn't allow it to get hot enough! THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!!!!!!

Kevin Schmidt

I used the hair dryer trick to stop itching from my zillion flea bites. What you said is right... the hair dryer needs to be on HIGH and close to the itchy area so that the itch turns from itching to a brief moment of pain. After that I swear all the itching stops! You can try it yourself if you doubt it.

The whole process of how this works was found by me at

Thank you, thank you!


my husband had many chigger bites and tried this for about 5 minutes and said the itching stopped

thanks for the idea


I had close to 500 chigger bites on both of my legs and i absolutely was miserable until i tried the hair dryer technique. I had barely slept for 2 days and was willing to try anything. Well i used the hair dryer and kept it on the bites until i about cried but i promise the itch stopped immediately. I was able to sleep close to 10 hours that night all because of this. It is now 12 hours later and i still do not itch!


I always used the hot water method, but this method works also. It just has to be very hot. To the point where it feels like its burning you.


Hey, it may sound crazy, but it works. Follow the directons given above and it will work.

I have about 15-20 chigger bites on my lower extremities and none of the over the counter solutions slowed down the itching, including 'Chiggerex'.

I tried the hair dryer trick and the itching is gone. Apply as needed and it worked great!


The hot water/hot hairdryer method really works. Make it as hot as you can stand without actually burning yourself. What happens, is the nerve endings are temporarily overloaded, and they won't transmit any more itching sensations! I used to be in agony from chiggers until someone told me about the super-hot water treatment... ah instant relief.


Thank you!!! The blow dryer hurt for a few seconds, but after hitting all my chigger bite spots it worked. I think it does something to the digestive enzymes left behind by the chigger. Now if I scratch them they itch again, but if they rub on my clothes it is not itchy because of the blow dryer. Now I need to know if I did the right thing to get rid of them in my home. I know I got them from cleaning the mess the birds left by the bird feeder and the bird nest and hope they aren't multiplying in the house.

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