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If you have an earache try using a blow dryer to blow heat into your ear. It really works.

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Chris Hatfield

wow i didn't think this would really work but its like 3 in the morning and i haven't been able to sleep at all. It doesn't take away all the pain of course but it sooths it a lot.


it burnt my ear but it worked...but it feels like i cant hear out of my ear. :)


Keep the temp on warm, not hot, and not too close to the ears. Your ears may ring for a bit from the noise but it passes.
This works very well when you're about to get a cold and blow/inhale into your nose. It kills the virus. My son has used it for a sore throat very well.

jeanie- a nurse from the south

Please be very careful with this remedy. This can be good if done properly. DO NOT blow directly INTO the ear. The ringing noise can be due to damage to the drum. 1st You want to hold away from the outer ear so not to burn. 2nd When you apply the blow dryer you must do this in very short intervals. (Hold it there for about 15-20 seconds then pull away to let outer ear cool down and re-apply as often as needed, then close off ear with a cotton ball to seal in the warm air). 3rd When the air is blowing, don't let the air point directly down into the inner ear, because the tissue in the inner ear is very very sensitive. Instead, point the blow dryer toward the back of your head, so the air blows pass the ear as a breeze of wind blowing back your hair, then you can safely try this procedure. CAUTION: If you are doing this to a small child. Hold YOUR hand over all of the child's ear lobe leaving the canal open to prevent scorching, because if u have your hand over the ear lobe then you can judge the heat your child feels on your own hand. They may not understand how to explain the difference in ear ache pain and burning sensation pain.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. It did not get rid of the ear infection of course, but it allowed my daughter to feel some much needed relief until we could get to a doctor. THANK YOU!!!!


I tried this method, due to the reccomendation of my mom who is a nurse. It just made the pain/swelling worse & the next day it became so unbearable that I was unable to chew my food or even talk. Also, I did not direct the air into my ear, used it on a low setting, etc. I am still in agonizing pain...gonna try the vinegar.

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