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It sounds bad but a couple drops of urine has been the only thing that has helped my kids.

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cured my dogs ears:)haven't had an ear infection since.. oh and I haven't had one myself to try , but I know that urine is benificial and it is steril. ladies clean before using and catch in mid stream. men catch mid stream
Proverbs 5:15

u people are nasty

all I can say is you people all need to b locked up!sikos urine whether men or womens is sick

Wierded out kid o.O

Ok not to knock it be for I try it, but, lets face it I'm not GUNNA try it (yea I know my spelling and grammar are horrendus but hey, I'm a kid :P) I would never do any of the following with my or anybody else's pee 1. Drink it.
2. Put it in my ear or nose. and 3. use it for anything else besides going in the toilet.


i have always heard about your own urine for the ear and it really does work it stops the pain instantly!!!!! you will feel like there was never an ear ache


I am from the South and yes, it may sound like something out of a comedy show but, it really does work. My daughter was about 2 yrs old and it was the weekend and had no money to go to ER. Elderly lady next door said to try this. At that point I was ready to try anything! It worked great! About to try it on the grandson no and see if it helps him.

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