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It sounds bad but a couple drops of urine has been the only thing that has helped my kids.

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I know it sounds off the wall, but UREA is an active ingredient in urine which is al-ready used in many drugs today. This remedy will can work, and many old folks, especially southern, still swear by this.


I read a book all about the stuff and I have witnessed it to a true cure for many things when nothing else works


Elvis Presley's mom did the same thing for him when he was a child!


<i>Elvis Presley's mom did the same thing for him when he was a child!</I>

and look what happened to him...


Hey!! Let's not be offensive. I'm doin' just fine, thank you, thank you very much.


After placeing the urine in the ear, I also place some feces in there with tissue paper, add water, then use a toilet plunger to remove the whole thing. Ooops, This is what I do to clear the toliet.... Sorry... ;)


This is VERY TRUE,but only your own urine.We were moving my mother in law & had no money/insurance.My son had a bad painful earache.He got them quite a lot.Nothing I tried worked.I called my grandmother and she told me to get the middle urine as the first & last have trash you don't want like a urine test.The urine has your bobies own natural antibotics in it.My son complained but I told him if grandma says it will work it will.It does & did.As a matter of fact he has not had any more earaches & he is grown now.


i tried this & it didn't work, not even a bit, its disgusting, & it doesnt work, i still can't believe i tried it

Still Laughing

I wouldn't even consider doing it but thanks for the laugh! I think I will call the doctor first.


Take into consiteration, Male urine is consitered to be sterle. Female urine is a different story.

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