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I find that if you eat lots of salad with homeade dressings (vinegar & oil) and exersise you lose weight, obviously. The dressing has no unwanted fat or additives in it. Just use it sparingly though. A little goes a long way. For the exersising bit, lay on your back, and put your feet in the air. Then, made circles with your legs like you're riding a bike. It gets your legs toned, and your tummy smaller. All the stars do it, you can too! (A salad I recommend is, iceburg lettace, strawberries, apples and a dressing of vegetable oil, balsamic vinegar and sugar. Yum!!) :)

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Iceberg lettuce does not have the nutrients that dark leafy greens have. One should go for the dark green lettuce, it is wonderful, has more and better flavor, and is much more healthy.


There's no such thing as trying to diet and be healthy! I've tried everything! I went on a diet for 2 weeks, and all I lost was 14 days! Seriously! Why bother trying to settle for that low-carb skinny crust diet sugarfree lowfat tasteless zero calorie junk that looks like something one might find underneath a sink? We don't need to diet, the real way to lose weight is to just stop eating! Well, in the end, I realized that I didn't even need to diet, because I already am skinny. As a matter of fact, I've been skinny all my life! Ha! O well! Nevermind!


Mini me- please grow up. Thanks


Mini me YOU are FAGGOT


Good recommendation, but why put sugar in your salad?

The first commenter was right - dark leafy greens are much better for you than iceberg lettuce. Try romaine lettuce or kale or spinach. Instead of plain vegetable oil, I would use flaxseed oil or something that has more nutrients in it - lots of omega fatty acids that actually help you lose weight too. You can also add some healthy nuts or seeds, like sunflower seeds - it's a misconception that the fat content in nuts and seeds is bad and puts on weight, the opposite is true. And balsamic vinegar is wonderful.


^ Oh, and if you feel that you need some sweetness, try squeezing some orange or tangerine juice over your salad, or try something healthier than plain sugar, like honey or agave nectar.


NO CARBS Y'ALL!!! Carbs is the enemy. Sugar is alright, carbs suck!!!
Salad with dressing, meats cheese is good. No snacking. No eating out. Cheesecake vs cake. Cheesecake is less fattening than cake. Tuna salad w/out the bread. etc.
Ice cream is better than cake, or sweet bread.

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