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i know this works on babies for sure but sometimes on older children and adluts too. when a baby is cutting teeth you rub oragel on his/her teeth right? well my cousin had a baby and for some reason decided to use benadryl and it works!! there must be some sort of anti-inflamatory in the solution that calms inflamed gums. Rub all over baby's gums with your finger tip or the inflamed area of your own mouth, usually takes the pain right away.

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I thought this was a HOME REMEDIES site you know.. Other things besides OTC crap.


Yeah. I use benadryl recreationally and found out that if you rub benadryl on your gums it will get you high like immediately. Please don't do this to your children.


My LO is 3 months and pediatrician said he is teething already. She recommended children's Benadryl just to rub the gums. It helps with the itching. She also informed me that baby orajel slows the tooth process of breaking through the gum. I've tried teething toys, whisky, Tylenol, and cold towels nothing worked. Sometimes he will fall asleep and the more rest he gets the more his body fights infections. The most he sleeps is 30 minutes then he is up playing and ready for a bottle.


You people are insane to condemn those rubbing it on their babies gums. It has an anti inflammatory property in it and it numbs the area. That's why pediatricians actually recommend it! Orajel actually toughened the gums which makes it worse which is why you have to use it all the time where benidryl does NOT. Seriously ,you should be ashemd for how mean and spiteful you are to these poor mothers who just want to help their child. Go do some research before you spout your traps. Physicians are there for a reason... I doubt they would put a child's life in harm's way. So sad you are....BTW I tried everything as well and then was told to use it and now finally my baby boy actually sleeps. So thank you for Doctors and Mothers.

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