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i know this works on babies for sure but sometimes on older children and adluts too. when a baby is cutting teeth you rub oragel on his/her teeth right? well my cousin had a baby and for some reason decided to use benadryl and it works!! there must be some sort of anti-inflamatory in the solution that calms inflamed gums. Rub all over baby's gums with your finger tip or the inflamed area of your own mouth, usually takes the pain right away.

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are you joking? you gave a baby benadryl? you knocked the poor little thing out, that's what you did.


to the other comment, did you even read it? it did not say that she gave the baby benadryl, it implies rubbing it on the gums. I'm not saying I condone the practice, but it's likely not as harmful as you've made it out to be. After all, our forefathers (mothers)used whiskey without any effect, and it would likely still be done if not for society's stick up their butt.


yeah you are right, I mean who doesn't give their baby a little whisky every now and again, geez, society does have such a stick up it's butt! How could a little whisky possibly harm a small infant?


Benadryl doesnt knock every child out! My son has bad allergies and eczema and the dermatlogist told me to give him benadryl. It has NEVER made him sleepy.


Honestly, it most likely would not harm the baby to use Benedryl if it were just a drop or two spread on the gums and the baby was 6 months + in age.
My daughter is 10 now, and has always had horrible allergies, to the point of being scary. She has been taking Benedryl off and on since she was 1 1/2 when her pediatrician finally told me what doses I could safely give her of the liquid type that was supposed to be for kids 6 years and older.

I personally think that it would be better to save the Benedryl for what it is meant for, and buy some teething tablets or Orajel for the times it is needed. I have found that Orajel and other numbers can make the nerves in the gums more sensitive when they wear off, I have used them myself and it seems to make the pain sharper when it is no longer numb.


On the benadryl thing for teething, it worked! My grandbaby has been crying for 2 hours when i got on this website and found this remedy. We figured 'why not' we gave it to her 5 minutes ago and she is playing happily now.


it doesn't 'knock' them out i tried it on myself before i did on the baby. makes ur mouth numb and that's it. mine never went to sleep after doing it made her happier.

Lisa T

My infant son has severe eczema and his doctor told me to give him 1/4 tsp benadryl,so I dont really see how a drop or two would harm him...but it does make him drowsy.


My 6 month old son was prescribed benadryl by his Pediatrician for teething. The Dr. said to rub it on his gums whenever he needs it, works like a charm.


Yeah, the benedryl remedy sounds reasonable to me.
The stick up the butt society comment I agree with.
It was well known amongst the old timers to use liquor on the gums, yo.

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