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When you first fell a cold sore coming take Lysine Tablets, 2 tablets 3 times a day. Starts fighting off the cold sore before it forms. Also put the Lysine topical cream on. Helps it from getting really big and helps it heal up really fast!

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Lysine works. I can get a very bad cold sore from time to time and I have found Lysine to be effective. I have read elsewhere of going with 1 1000MG tablet a day as a preventitive measure.


I also took the Lysine tablets and it had no effect at all. But that may have been because it had developed into two very large sores before I used it!!


Topical Lysine seems to speed up the healing process for me. I also put a little lemon juice on a cotton ball to help prevent it from spreading more. Lysine reduces the duration from 2 weeks to about one for me if i start it immediately.


I take a tablet everynight of 500mg and it seemed to make the sore a lot smaller and less severe when it came.


Where do you get these tablets? I asked my pharmacist and they didn't have any.


They are a supplement not a prescribed medication, so you should be able to find them by the vitamins and what not in your local Wallgreens, Wal-mart, or whatever other 'Wall' store.

L. Butler

Lysine really works. Take a small amount everyday, I do Used to have 10 outbreaks a year, now none.


L-Lysine! L-Lysine! Can't stress it enough. I've suffered from cold sores my whole life. I used to get them multiple times a year and now I get them once, maybe twice a year (usually during Winter) thanks to a daily 500mg dose of L-Lysine. As soon as I feel that tingle, double or triple the doseage (as you can't OD on Lysine). Paired with Lip Clear's Lysine ointment, mine are 95% gone by the end of the 3rd day. The ointment is really great because it combines the majority of all the home remedy ingredients people post here.. all in one. Lysine of course, Tea tree oil, Zinc, Vitamin A,D & E, Beeswax, honey and it goes on clear. Got one on my lower lip as I write this (Tues 11/17/09). It is unoticeable and just about gone. It surfaced Sunday morning 11/15/09 and was already a small filled blister. DID NOT POP. Just immediately downed Lysine pills and applied ointment. Blister never even went red and nobody noticed. God Bless Lysine!

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