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Alessandria Skiarra

An Icepack works wonders but many people dont have one at home. Well wjen my children have had aches, I lay some icecubes on a small sheet of aluminum fiol and wram it up. Then I put it in a plastic bag to avoid leakage. The aluminum foil preserves the ices coldness and makes that pain go away!

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Lemon juice is effective in ltingehing the dark spots left by acne and pimples. First, cleanse the scarred area with water. Soak up a teaspoon of lemon juice with a cotton ball and smooth it over the marks. Leave the juice in place for ten minutes, then rinse. Be careful how often you use lemon juice: it can have the side effect of making your skin light sensitive. Make sure to cover treated areas with sunscreen before going outdoors. Here are a few other remediesVitamin E Try applying vitamin E to the scarred area three to four times daily to help reduce its visibility. If you keep at it, you should see some results after one to two weeks. It takes a long time before you get really noticeable effects. Honey and pearl A useful facial pack for acne is honey and pearl powder. Apply a mask of it for 15 minutes. If you can keep doing it every week, your skin will become lighter and smoother. Tea tree oil Some medications made from natural ingredients, such as rosehip seed oil and tea tree oil, will not only help to heal scars, but also significantly work to prevent future scarring. LeeksPeel the membrane from white are of the leek while watching TV or resting. Place a peeling over scarred areas for ten minutes every day. You can secure it with a bandage to keep it from falling off. Keep this up for a few weeks and you'll see the color fade awayGinger After cleaning your skin, cut a few slices of fresh ginger and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes. You'd better do this laying down, otherwise the ginger may fall off. It might burn a little, but probably not too much. The ginger may leave behind a bit of redness after you removeit, but don't be too worried. Just wipe off and have a good rest. In the morning, the scar should become smooth, and will hopefully fade completely within two weeks. Aloe Vera Plantcut off a piece and squeeze the goopy gel inside and apply to skin.It lightens and fades scars while fighting and preventing acne.Apply before bed let dry[2-3 min tops]and sleep with it on soft glowing skin in the morning.Source(s):HOPE THIS HELPSME


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