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Gnea Smith

I had severe heartburn while I was pregnant and the one thing that worked was told to me by my mother. Take a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of vinegar mix with 4 ounces of water. This may taste a little yucky but works better than anything I ever tried.

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remember making volcanos in grade school? to make it erupt we used baking soda and vinigar. ever give a bird an Alka-Seltzer? same thing. it blows up. not a very smart thing to combine. but if you want to be stupid then go for it. also DOESN'T work


My mom just did this...
and she said it worked IMMEDIATELY...
she took meds and everything it wouldnt go away...
she felt it filling up in her stomache, but once she burped a couple times i asked her how she felt and it was gone.


I'm pregnant right now and I suffer a very bad case of heartburn to the point I can't sleep at night sometimes. I just drank the poison( lol ) and so far I feel so much better . However I am still sitting up so I hope once I lay down I'll feel even better. But it DOES WORK..


yea, tha baking soda solution, or tha vinegar(apple cider if any)...DEF not both!! thats almost deadly..the soda solution is a great way to reduce all tha acids..and the vinegar helps acid breakup food for digestion. so its really a matter of the cause of the see your doc or try both seperately on diff nights u have heartburn


It's midnight and I was desperate. Even the heartburn medicine I usually take didn't work. I tried this based on the comment from the person who said their mom just tried it and it worked. I used a coffee cup of water, mixed the baking soda and vinegar and drank it. I expected a bad taste but it barely had a taste at all. The results were immediate, after just the first sip (but I still drank it all). I did feel full, like the mother did, but I haven't burped. Thanks to the poster of this remedy. Years later you're still helping people! Now I'm going to bed and hope to sleep well.

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