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To kill 1000's of flys cheaply and quickly out by the garbage, take a standard pickle or mason glass jar. 2/3 fill it with water, and chuck a piece of chicken in it. Poke a hole in the lid a little larger than a pencil. Nothing will happen until the meat rots. Then on hot days hundreds of flys a day will climb into the trap and be killed and or drowned.
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will it stink?


Rotting meat usually does


Yes it WILL stink, the problem with using this method is you have to repeat it every so often as the jar will soon become full of dead flies and maggots, therefore creating more flies, and don't be fooled, they will find a way out of the jar, even through the small hole. I know as I have tried this and failed dismally.


that is grouse


Not grouse. Gross

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