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Beki Pritchard

For a sore throat my nan always used to boil lemonade and then drink it it worked wonders when I was a kid and still does today! The sore throat should be done by following day!

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Wow i was surprised...i made this shortly before class this morning so i didnt get to drink alot but it still worked wonders. I used lemon juice and lots and lots of isnt completely healed but definitely a huge change.


I heated 1 tlbs lemon juice, 1 tsp apple cidar vinegar, 1 tsp honey, and a cup of hot water with a pinch of cyeanne pepper. It works temporarily, tastes a little 'icky', but for a little while it works. Worth a try if your throat is really sore.


Oh my goddd! My throat hurts so bad right now I can hardly open my mouth.and it is one of those that feel like fire every time you swallow, it sucks! Cough drops don't work; probably ate half a bag today at school! So as I am typing this right now I am sipping the lemonade lol...I hope this works! (I burnt my lip at first...ow!)


I have been up all night tryin to find a working remedy for my sore throat! I have tried gargleing hot water and salt, i tried hot water with lemon and salt, i dont have ginger or any of the other things like honey and such i only have light brown sugar, sugar, lemon, water, salt, parsley flakes, and ground cinnamin! I dont know what to do!? Can anyone help?

Shawna Palison California call me! 999-874-3248

Ya this worked OK


***** I am going to try, Becasue I read lot of good comments about this remedy + I am eating Vicks Cough Drops (Honey & Lemon) So i thought this this should work %110...
I Added Fresh lemon juice and then added some honey.... I will update my Comments in the morning.


i can tell all of u this, weed definatly does not help your sickness, yes it may help asthma and cancer patients but not colds or really any sickness it just makes it worse.

Desperate Mom

My 3 year old is in so much soar throat pain. She has just now been sleeping for a straight 30 minutes without crying but I know that will end soon. Nothing is even making a dent in the pain for her, she has been crying off and on all day. This is last resort for me if I can just get her to drink it. Whish me luck, I will tell you how it went


does pink lemonade work too? its all i have


I've been suffering for 6 days with a burning throat that hurts evil when I swallow. Have searched the web for THEE remedy.
This is what I did. I took 1 cup of Min Made Pink Lemonade, warmed it in the micro for 1 1/2 min. Let it cool a bit and drank. The first time in 6 days I truly felt RELIEF!
I'm praying an Our Father and a Hail Mary for Nan right now, God love her!!! JoyLo

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