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Beki Pritchard

For a sore throat my nan always used to boil lemonade and then drink it it worked wonders when I was a kid and still does today! The sore throat should be done by following day!

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To the pessimist who wrote placebo.. bet your glass was half empty when you did it.. If you had started with a glass half full... It works great!


it tasted horrible and didnt help at all... hope everyone else has better luck.


I have had a sore throat for a couple days now and i just tried your remedy...It works great!!!my sister thought I was full of bologna when i put powdered lemonade and water on the stove but it really helped...I get sore throats all the time and I'm using this from now on!!

Brianna. C.

Well so far it hasnt made me feel 100% recovered, but it helps the irritation on my throat...for a couple of hours. So I decided to add a tablespoon of honey which helps with the tangyness of hot lemonade.. Also this taste like the store bought lemon and honey hot tea for nyquil, or which ever is the medicinal kind.. Good Luck...


I had been drinking hot tea all morning to no avail. Praise the lord for this remedy. I feel so much better. I actually used lime juice b/c that's all I had in the house and splenda instead of sugar. Tastes odd but works like a charm!


I hope this works, my throat hurts so so so bad. It feels like fire when I swallow. I haven't stopped drinking tea with honey in it all day (it works but stops working in 5 minutes)


ooh , you should put lemon with water and put honeyy [: .


Im sipping on this right now, and to my surpise, it actually feels kind of better. Not necessarily a miracle, considering my tonsils need to be removed, thats why everything back there is swollen, but I could see this working for a regular old sore throat too.

I was skeptical til I tried it.

I took some bottled 'Country Time' Lemonade, and put it in a coffee cup with a squirt of lemon juice. Then I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, let it cool a little, then sipped. Yum!


This does's called natural antioxidants, citric acid which helps speed absorption of vitamin c, that's just from the lemons, the drink being a hotter temperature(not too hot of course) helps everything to open up and absorb. Plus, if using the honey along with, like many others have reported, it's well know for having many medicinal properties. Those stating and thinking placebo need to use their heads a little and look at why it would be working rather than trying to play know it all, that apparently hasn't even thought it out.


my throats been sore for the past 2 days and it felt like it was on FIRE!!! i tried this, and at 1st it was soothed then the soreness came back. but the next morning, my sore throat was nearly gone!!! this works!! you just have to give it time!!

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