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Beki Pritchard

For a sore throat my nan always used to boil lemonade and then drink it it worked wonders when I was a kid and still does today! The sore throat should be done by following day!

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It worked but if you put honey in it it'll work faster


it doesn't work at all and it tastes terrible don't waste your time.


Ok it works perfect and i only drank a small amount and i could already feel me getting better. WOW! It works wonders and yes adding honey helps a ton. So never worry again if you have a sore throat.


wow that helps a lot especially wit da honey

bala gullipalli

Wow its worked amazing... but i added vinegar, turmeric powder and honey.. wow it disappeared the morning .. even doctor medicine didn't help me...
special thanks for your idea of lemonade..
my 10000.. votes for you..


im gonna try this, im getting my homemade lemonade and i just boiled it, do i have to wait for it to cool or should i drink it right away?


Best Remedie for a soar throat is grate ginger and remove its juice just to fill hafl a cup.Mix considerable amount of honey not to make it very sweet. Sip as and when required. Sore throat & cough is off in a day. Make sure that u feel the spice of ginger when its going down your throat.


i squeezed fresh lemon juice and boiled it with water then added honey waited for it to cool down so it was warm and now i am perfectly fine =]


Whoever wrote about vodka and weed is crazy. Don't confuse people here who are looking for homemade remedies and not dangers. Lemonade makes my throat feel better and Vitamin C in it helps a lot.


I hope this works! I have a musical production at school tonight and I need an unsore throat and my voice back!

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