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hand sanitizer directly on the cold sore. it burns very little bu dries it up quick.

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yup it works i was getting one at work and there was plain hand sanitizer on the counter so i used it, it tingled a lil but dried up what was coming in and the whole sore never appeared.


I came here looking for help for a cold sore that was coming on. I saw this, happened to have some hand sanitizer in the house, and gave it a try. After the initial sting, the pain diminished quite a bit. Too early to tell if it heals quicker or doesn't form completely, but it definitely hurts less and I will use it hoping it will help heal it faster too. Thank you!


This will be day 2 for me and my cold sore and I am in a lot of pain from it and it looks disgusting- So when I read this I was so excited becuase I have a huge bottle of Purell sitting on my desk- I kid you not I put it on the cold sore and within in minutes it started drying up and I'm in no pain. I would recommend anyone to keep applying it every 15 minutes or so it will help it dry up even faster- Thank you soooo much!


this really works within 3 minutes mine was completely gone. If you cook it on the stove and warm the sanitizer up put three cloves of garlic and a little salt and dip a tea bag in there and let it sit over night it will be gone by morning. Trust me it works


ouch it does sting. but im giving this a shot. i just placed a hand sanitizer above it.


you are AWESOME! i felt one coming on and i grabbed the purell from the kitchen at work. i have a date tonight, so i hope this works.


WOW!! this stuff works so well but does only plain hand sanatizer work or will sented do???????


So Im Sitting Here At Work and I felt something on my upper lips i was freaking out at first thinking it was a pimple or something but then everyone was telling that it looks like a cold sore so i ran to the computer and found this page and I tried the nad sanitizer and OMG!!!!! it hurt but it went away! thank u!

Donna in Ohio

I get one every year, but this one that I have now will not go away. It is so huge, that it has spread up my nose and my eye burns and itches as well. Just doused the hand sanitizer on, hope to God it works, it didn't sting that bad, even put some on a cotton ball soaked with water, and dabbed my eye. Thank you very much for sharing this remedy

duck sauce

I was so excited to find a home remedy that didnt involve a trip to the health food store, and make my wallet hurt. I have been icing it for ten mins every the hour, and occasionally putting a tea bag with lemon to dry it out. That helps with the pain. And I thought saliclyic would work..... it doesn't! I will write later about how the purell does, mine is cotton scented with exfoliating balls though.

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