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Here is more information related to my post above.

Many of you who have poison ivy must still go to work.

Here is an effective way to treat poison ivy while you are working:

1) Fill a small plastic bottle with apple cider vinegar (ordinary grocery store variety will do).

2) Every few hours when you are at work (either in the washroom or in some other quiet spot) apply this apple cider vinegar to the affected spots.

3) Apple cider vinegar will dry quickly; it is practically oderless when dry (apply some cologne afterwards if you feel self-conscious); and it leaves NO visible trace on your skin.

4) This will continue to work on your poison ivy while you are working and will relieve the itch.

If you follow the information contained in this post and in the one above, you will see dramatic results within TWO DAYS.

The medical profession states that poison ivy may last from 14 to 20 days. That is complete nonsense.

I had a severe case of poison ivy last week and I got rid of it within THREE DAYS.

Whatever you do, do not buy Calmine Lotion, the pink cement from hell...

Other things that help stop the itch and promote healing of poison ivy are:

1) 99% Isopropanol - just lightly apply this to the poison ivy. It feels wonderful.

2) Jalapeno juice - if you can't find it, then grind up some fresh Jalapenos mixed with apple cider vinegar. Lightly spread it on the affected areas. This works wonders.

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medical profession states that poison ivy MAY last 14-21 days. Isnt it great that everyone thinks they know more than their doctors


Can I go to Taco Bell for fresh jalapenos to see if this works. Last chat room I was in sucked really bad I hope I can get laid in here.


for Adam...I am a medical professional. I've been an RN for twenty-six years. I'd much rather try a natural remedy than put the prescriptions on my skin. As a hospice nurse, we medicate w/creams and ointments through the skin. Everything you put on your skin, including make-ups and lotions, are absorbed into your system. Go with as many natural solutions as possible before you go with the man-made chemical solutions. Sometimes, grandma really did know best. Don't knock natural remedies.


I agree with Anne!

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