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I had eczema all throughout my childhood. I had it behind my ears, my eyes, and in my nose. It was oozing and itchy and I had an unfortuate childhood.Anyways my step mom got me Destitin Diaper ointment for behind my ears((they used to crack and ache. For my eyes ( they would be like glued shut in the mornings and i would lose eyelashes) she got me the Polysporin optimatical ointment. I used the creams from the doctors the never worked. I used these two and it went away. More proof? A woman came in to my work with cracked red hands i suggested it to her and she came in a few days later saying it worked.TRY it! Ps its messy

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That's because your body is attacking fungus and the polysporin kills the fungus. Try Turmeric. It works.


Okay,this sounds soooooo much like me,and my son, he has the (STUFF) on his eyes every morning, I never associated it with my skin problem, I have baaaadddd eczeama all over my scalp, cant stand it anymore!!!! Iv'e tryed just about everything, got any hidden secrets????????


I have had eczema since childhood, but in my late teens it developed on my face. The redness was so bad I looked like I had Lupus. My lips burned so bad, I couldn't even use Vaseline on them. I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed Des Owen, which is a.05% steroid cream. It cleared up instantly, but for 20yrs I couldn't go 1 day without using it. 2 yrs. ago I decided to try different detoxes for other health reasons. I took herbs such as Wormwood, Black walnut Hull, Cloves and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Theses herbs kill parasites. After 2 wks my eczema was gone. All asthma was gone and all acne was gone. I do this cleanse every 6-8 months. I hope this helps someone.

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