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Diatomaceous Earth kills all mites (mange) and can be given in food to kill worms. Buy it at the feed store. Put the powder in an old sock and powder puff your animal all over. Also do their bedding. Almost instant relief. It dehydrates and kills fleas too. Safe and really cheap. Any good farmer knows all about this. It is widely used on livestock.

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Rita Cathey

Be sure to buy food grade.


It can be found at a really good plant nursery store. It's a white clay/dust. It is usually used on infected trees and plants with mites and bugs. It is non-toxic. I will have to try this, I was going to use a natural herbal infection formula that I make myself. But this sounds interesting, and I have plenty in the garage. It looks like baby powder. I'm just afraid it's going to get all over the furniture, and me! I guess that's better than seeing my poor dog suffer. Thanks for the heads up!


Has anyone actually had positive results? I am going to buy some of this Diatomaceous Earth if it really works. I'm not even sure that she has the mange. She does have places on her head and a few on the bridge of her nose. Now her feet and legs look funny but no sores.

Maxwell AKA Max

It also gets rid of bedbugs. Put a light dusting in the cracks of the wall and around your bed and in every corner of your rooms and it will kill them! Wondering if you do let your pet ingest it to eliminate worms is there any side effects?


How much in the food?


I have 2 chihuahuas 7 & 9 lbs a terrier 6 lbs and lab mixed 56 lbs how much do I put in their food oh I have 2 cats too 20 lbs & 4 lbs how much in their food they haven't shown signs just but it's only a matter of time

Marlene from Australia

Thanks Karen, 4.30 in the morning,came across this happens I had some put on his paws and straight away he stopped biting and licking,not sure if it's mites,thought it was yeast,hope it keeps working,as I've been fighting this for two years now,I changed his diet so I know it's not the food,and I've tried everything nothing worked, so hopefully after many many months of being waked up to his licking and putting cream on and trying to stop him from chewing his paws off we can finally get some sleep, he's snoring even as I write, can't thank you enough. Wish I knew earlier the power was just sitting there for months. Thanks once again.

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