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Vinager on the sunburn dose wonders...the reason people say mustard is it is a lil easyier to keep mustard from driping... if you soak a rag in vinager and aply it to the sum burn this will work.. never put anything with oils on the burn, this will only make it worse( look at that lotion b4 you put it on also... no coco buter or anything like that)

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Thank you for this. It definitely works. Got rid of the redness overnight.


This method does not wotrk I have tried it myself and it has not had any inpact on my sunburn at all


After yesterdays tanning bed 'incident', I was cooked like a potato chip. I decided to look for some kind of help on the net. I found this site, and since this home remedy had the highest rating, I decided to try it. It didn't specify white or apple cider vinegar, so I saw others had mentioned AC vingegar, and decided to use that. I had a spray bottle, and filled it up and sprayed myself down, and let it dry before I got dressed. IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY!!! THANKS FOR THE TIP!!! I feel like I might live now... ;)


I need a cure quick for over exposure to sun bed and looking like a tomatoe ! Does this Vinegar do the trick for sure ??


I was burned to tomato red on my face. I used white vinegar on facial cleansing pads and applied to my stung at first but in a few seconds what relief I had. My face didn't hurt anymore at all. When I woke up the next day..the redness had diminished tremendously..for me this was an excellent option!!


you need to work on your spelling.


In my vanity, I went to a tanning bed before a vacation and got fried! I tried the AC vinegar and besides being cold waiting for it to drip dry, it didn't work. However, I did follow up with a baking soda lukewarm bath and it alieviated the sting. I also lathered myself in 100% aloe. It always works by the next morning. Here's hopin' for a great tan!


Thanks for this! I went to the beach, and thought I didnt need any sun lotion. Was I ever wrong. I was to sore to go to a store to get sine aloe lotion, so I used this trick. Worked right away. Thanks so much, you saved me!

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The other day I spent just a little longer than I needed to outside and got sunburned all over my chest and stomache. I had been itching like crazy all night to the point of crying. I soaked a rag in the vinegar and it started taking the severe itch away instantly!!!!!

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