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Just like the Alka-seltzer Baking Soda does the trick. I put one teaspoon into a liter of water (the amount of water isn't important but you should be drinking a lot of water anyhow).

Drink 1 tsp twice a day until your UTI is gone. Then another dose or two for good measure.

This raises the PH in your urinary tract so the bacteria can't survive.

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The tasty was salty, not great but not terrible. That being said I hope this works. I just finished a dose of Antibiotics had sex, and now have symptoms again... Ugg I'm also drinking cranberry tea and taking pills.


Maybe add some lemon juice, can't make it worst.


This is probably the best way to cure a UTI without a trip to the doctors. It flushes your system and cleans out all the bacteria. I wouldn't say it helps right away, but within a day or two your infection will be cured. Well, it cured mine.

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