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Just like the Alka-seltzer Baking Soda does the trick. I put one teaspoon into a liter of water (the amount of water isn't important but you should be drinking a lot of water anyhow).

Drink 1 tsp twice a day until your UTI is gone. Then another dose or two for good measure.

This raises the PH in your urinary tract so the bacteria can't survive.

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But it tastes so disgusting it makes me want to hurl before I can drink it. Any ideas to combat this hindrance?


There are two ways you can drink baking soda in water. One is to dilute it so much that it isn't as noticable. The second is to use 1/2 teaspoon in 1 oz of water (shot glass size) and take it like a shot, use water or even cranberry juice as a chaser. It leaves your mouth feeling tingly.

Chronic Sufferer No More

As soon as I felt the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, and believe me, I know what they are, I started eating dried cranberries and drank lots of water. I started feeling better the very next day. Now I eat cranberries, drink lots of water and limit the caffiene intake. This really works. Why the dried cranberries? Because cranberry juice you buy in the grocery store isn't pure and it's full of sugar.


You can find sugar free all natural cranberry juice in the organic section of most grocery stores


the baking soda helped me alot. it is nasty to taste, but it is worth it to feel so much better.


I am drinking the baking soda/water right tastes soo gross, but I hope it works!!


Wow, that's so gross. But I agree the shot glass is the easiest way of getting it down. How long before the infection goes away?


Most dried cranberries are full of sugar--which will make the infection worse. I'm wondering where you can find unsweetened dried cranberries? I sort of like the unsweetened cranberry juice--it's very tart but you get used to it, and you can dilute it with water.


I get Uti's alot and i read online that baking soda really work's so i tryed it and i feel ten times better then i did earlier but i'm keep drinking it just to make sure it does go away but so far so good:D!&it really does work.


I just took some Baking Soda/water, and chased it with a big glass of 100% cranberry juice, going to the store for some AZO to treat the urge to go feeling. That was 10 min ago. I will report back if this works.. :( keep your fingers crossed this SUX!

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