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Avoid dairy products during the cold.

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Angry Mother

Dairy should be avoided ALWAYS. Dairy is very cruel. There is no excuse to steal a mother's milk created for her baby. The cow's are artifically inseminated, forced to become pregnant (aka raped) and when the calf is born, he/she is stolen from the mother at about 24 hours after birth! (So that he/she can't have the milk that was made for her!) If the calf is a female, she may have to live a long agonizing life as a 'dairy cow', or if it is a male, he will be kept in a stall where he cannot move, so that lack of excerise and mother's milk makes muscles tender, and bones extremely fragile, which is needed to produce 'gourmet veal'.

Most of the dairy cows' udders are infected with mastitis, meaning blood and pus go into that glass of milk you stole. Dairy is rape for a cow, and murder for a calf (it is a mockery of motherhood), and dairy is also very bad for your health. It is a leading cause of heart disease, heart attacks, and oseoporosis. (Milk leaches calcium out of the bones)

You should NEVER drink milk as it is cruel and unhealthy.
Please visit for more info. Thanks.


AMEN!!! to avoiding dairy products during the common cold, and for that matter, ALL THE TIME! If you don't believe it, experiment. Go without dairy for one week and then start eating/drinking it again. In less than two days, you'll be coughing, sneezing and be feeling the onset of a sore throat. I did this experiment, and it's what convinced me to say 'dairy no more!' Plus you'll sleep waaaaaaaaaaaay better, too.


Tell us how you really feel about it!.....and whats your take on yogurt and cheese??


*Rolling eyes*

Have you ever SEEN animals doing the nasty? It's not such a pleasurable process as it is for humans. If you're going to call a sperminated q-tip 'rape,' then you should call the natural process of coitus between cows 'battered and sexually abused.' *snort*

I love how vegetarians use human words to blow things out of proportion. Like calling eggs 'chicken abortions.' Uh, hello, they're EGGS, you know, like in women's ovaries!? They haven't even gotten fertilized. Sit on some for a few months and see if anything hatches. Idiots...

And guess what? No matter what sort of mammal it is, the body will keep on lactating LONG after the baby's gone, if the milk is still being used. You make it sound like they force cows to have poor little orphan babes every other week.

We're obviously keeping the cows from... uh... doing whatever highly fulfilling cow activities that the world is missing out on.

Anyway, notice only one sentence in that entire rant about the health effects of dairy. Give me a break!

Dairy promotes the production of mucous. Start eating it again, you'll start producing mucous again. Sounds nasty... but only if you don't think about it too hard. Without mucous, you'd have colds sitting in your chest, and feces sitting in your intestines, for decades on end.

It's not dairy, people, it's the sugar in dairy that makes people sick. You can go on a non-sugar diet and have all the cheese and cream and butter you want, and feel like a million freaking bucks every single minute. Then have a donut and feel like a semi just landed on you and you're back to your low-functioning normal. I know. I've been there.


P.S. Ever heard of pasteurization? *snort*


*Smiling @ the latter post in udder agreement.... haha*

Seriously, thanks for making sense of the relationship between milk & mucous production.


sorry could the vegan repeat that ?? I was busy having a milk bath with my goats milk soap while sipping a milkshake....what did i miss ?


I agree that milk should not be consumed - only by infants of their own species. Because, think about it, the milk of a cow was specifically designed for a calf, an animal which typically is able to stand up minutes after being born. A cow's milk was designed for very fast growth of a baby calf, because, if cows still roamed around naturally, the baby calves would need to grow strong at a fast rate for survival. Human milk was designed for human infants, because humans grow at a much slower pace than cows, of course. This is why there have been many studies and similarities between the increased consumption of dairy over the last century or so, and the faster development (and sometimes OVER-development) of prepubescent children. Larger breasts in girls, and generally, as everyone knows, an increasing rate of obesity, along with the increasing rate of dairy consumption. And, bottom line, there's no need for a human adult or an adult of any mammal to continue consuming milk. You don't see adult cows sucking the tits of other cows, do you? Milk is purely for the necessary nutrients of an infant, since it cannot get those necessary nutrients yet in the form of solid food.

I have studied these kinds of things for a while now, and have seen it in my own experience and many others. The whole thing about dairy being able to make you lose weight is a crock of shit - it's a fact that sumo wrestlers gorge on dairy before fights. Calcium may be able to help a person lose weight, but not dairy. You know why? Because the calcium in dairy cannot even properly assimilate in a human, because, first of all, humans aren't cows, and secondly, because the calcium in milk has been RE-ADDED to milk after pasteurization. And forget about low-fat milk, because it's also a fact that calcium needs fat in order to assimilate also. Calcium supplements cause calcium deposits, because it is pure man-formulated calcium, maybe with Vitamin D added, but nothing else that calcium needs to assimilate. In my opinion, the best source of calcium is found in most green vegetables and also coral calcium, derived from seaweed. This way it's completely natural, in just the right amounts and with all the other nutrients to properly assimilate.

Also, it has been noted that in other countries around the world where no one consumes any dairy, the people have virutally no cases of osteoporosis or any other calcium-related disease. They have strong bones and perfect teeth, because they get their calcium from natural sources. And they don't eat and drink all of the other shit that our nation does - like sodas, which have phosphoric acid, which, every time it touches the teeth, leeches calcium from them, and the bones. Phosphorus and calcium have to be consumed together in proper amounts. Calcium will also leech phosphorus from your body if phosphorus is not present with it - another reason why man-made calcium supplements aren't good.

TO THE ANTI-VEGETARIAN POSTER : You had some good points, like how eggs are not chicken abortions, because they're usually not fertilized. But the thing about mucus, you're just off about that. The body naturally produces a certain amount of mucus as a buffer for germs and other toxins all throughout the body, to protect the organs and tissues from too much toxic absorption. The mucus that dairy produces is unneeded excess mucus.

And the thing about blood and pus is true - probably not so much for organic dairy farmers, but, still, dairy is a no no.


Dairy products are vital. I'm pregnant and cannot fathom my child developing correctly without my daily intake of dairy. I'm sorry if the thought of milk grosses you out, but really when eaten or drank in context, you need it!

It makes me wonder what kind of sad lives these people live without cheese.....

Anonymous guys are insane!!! I am from wisconsin. I drink milk, eat cheese and yogurt every day. I am in no way obese or have problems with my teeth. I also work in the dairy industy testing milk and showed the comment above to some of my farmers who got a good laugh out of it! You would be very impressed with the treatment some of these farmers give thier beloved cows. Yes some are worse than others but for the most part are very well cared for. I would be lost without dairy products. I'm from wisconsin for god's sake! :) I have so many more comments but it would be pages worth...

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