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Ashley, age 13

I have this. The remedy is simply, easy, and quick. Tell yourself, I'm having a panic attack. I am going to be ok. Things are going to be fine. Take a deep breath. Pray!! Say,God, I'm really scared right now, but I know you are watching over me and taking care of me. Then take a nice, warm bath, or put on some soothing music. Read a book. Try to get your mind off of whatever is scaring you. You will be ok.

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Sometimes in the midst of a panic attack I tell myself I may not be able to feel safe right now, but I can remember how it feels to be loved. Then I pray for the strength to endure and let it pass, I have come to the point that I now realize it will pass, I just have to ride it out with meditation, prayer, and occasionally medications for the physical symptoms (ie chest pains, etc).


That is wonderful advice. in the moment of the attack i feel so helpless and alone but with prayer it helps.


im only seventeen and i have to go thru this horror every other week.......its so hard to think or speak but your remedie inspired me and i just want to thank you for your inspirational remedie and thank god im not alone as i feel when i go through an attack


I also pray when I have panic attacks and quote a scripture from the bible .. For God didnt give us the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. So paying is good advice. I belive there is alot of ppl taht go through this and I belive having trust in God helps alot.
God Bless

eula norcross

i need more info on panic attacks please thans my email is


If there was a god, he/she couldnt help you with anxiety and panic attacks.

Talking to 'God' is not a remedy, Pepople are on this site looking for REAL soloutions. If you want to drop things f that nature, find a site called '' and do it there.


sometimes what we feel is all in the mind. and by just thinking that you're going to be ok really helps a lot..its just a matter of mind conditioning. what you think is what you will feel.

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