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Try using bleach! Put a dab of bleach on the q-tip (it may sting but thats just for a few seconds) Continue this for a couple of days and its finally gone!

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THAT'S THE ONE. You were last on the search list, but I am glad I waited. As much as I am not into Chlorine bleach as a home remedy, I do recall when my roommate had ringworm, someone out of the blue recommended bleach--just a couple drops--and IT WORKED LIKE THAT!

You are the bomb. Thanks for the reminder. Now where's that bleach? lol.


Bleach is a cancer-causing agent. It may work but I wouldn't recommend it at all ~ not even a few drops.


thank you cuz i have ring worm and i told my friends and i not allowed in school until i clear it up.. thanks again


I have a ring worm on my foot, and it iches so bad. I will try the bleach. I hope it works for the person with the previous comment, because he really needs to get back to school. If you know what I mean!!!! cuz


Bleach absoulutly worked!! My daughter had a nickle sized ringworm on her forearm I pored the regular bleach over it for two days twice a day. Of course it stung a bit but it really worked. On day two it had developed a scab I put antiabiotic ointment on it and it is healing very fast. Thanks so much!!


This works. I poured a small amount in a bottle. Dipped a Q-tip in the bleach and then swabbed the ring worm. You don't have to rub it in or anything. Just wipe it over the ringworm. I leave it on for about 5 seconds and then wash it off with soap and water. I used a clean tissue to dry the area and flushed the tissue away. Two treatments in one day did the trick.


Seriously, it may work but it bleach is very harmful to humans and animals. I can't believe that it is even used for clothes that we put on our bodies, let alone put it on our skin! Don't do it! Do the all natural Tea Tree Oil. It won't harm you and will get rid of the ringworm.


DON'T DO THIS!!!!! My husband did it and the bleached burned right thru a few layers of his skin. So if you are gonna try this PLEASE be careful.


YEAH i dont think useing bleach is a good idea! I work at a day care on one kid it worked and the next it burned there skin.


add water to the bleach first. 1 part bleach 4-6 parts water. bleach burns...duh

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