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i had just gotten posion ivy. i still have it now while i am writing this its all over my arms and my face. but for the last few days i was using this benedryl ointment stuff. yeah it works for like the first few days, but it doesnt stop the spreading, and my body got immune to it so the more i used it, the more it was itchy and stung like hell. so i was looking around this moring for a home remedy and i found the best cure i could ever imagine, ITS SOOO SIMPLE! take VICKS VAPOR RUB and apply it over the affected area. i swear it stops the itching and burning right away and leaves a nice cooling sensation. ahh im relieved right now. please try it. you will feel better.

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my boyfriend had poison ivy really bad and we tried the vicks vapor rub and it workded miracles thanks


Thanks for the tip, nothing was working for my daughter and this treatment stopped the itching right away.


Vicks really works- it relieves right away.
I'd also used some bleach to dry up the area fast

Thank you!



Warm and soothing. I love Vicks! Thank you so much!!!! I get poison ivy every year - 2 a year from my animals and from being outside. NOTHING HAS WORKED!!! Vicks so far is feeling wonderful.


This is amazing!! I feel sooooo much better. Vicks Vapor Rub really works!!!


this doesnt work at all.. and where the hell is the cooling sensation??


WOW!! Thank you so much! Instant relief and I already feel it cooling. Been itching so bad for tw days and I saw this and tried it right away. Thank you so much.


I have a bad case of poison ivy right now and just put on some feels geat.....nice and cooling!!!


you don't relize how much i love you for letting me know of this ive had poison ivy for 3 days and i couldnt sleep it was os bad once i read this i put it on and it feels great no more itchy and burning just a nice cool feeling


I have had poison oak since last sunday..went to the doctor on tuesday and they prescibed me a steroid cream and told me to take benadryl..well im also 17wks pregnant and taking the steriod did help a little but not enough for me to I tried the Vicks rub last night What could it hurt really...OH MY GOODNESS is all I can say...THANK YOU..I was able to sleep for about 6hrs and the cooling feeling along with the ceiling fan on in my room was wonderful...this morning I washed my arms off and they dont burn anymore, they do itch but I can tolarate it...Ill be using the Vicks again today...only downside is the smell of course but oh well it worked

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