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n. spillman

take a horse main or tail hair or a piece of sewing thread and tie it around the skin tag. it will fall off in a matter of days. normaly fall off in 5-7 days,depending on how tight you get the hair.

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Will they grow back?


they always come back.


My friend does this, I've tied the thread for him a couple of times. It definitely works because the blood supply is cut off. No complaints about them coming back.


Has anyone had their tag grow when using the thread method? We tried this with my wife and hers grew (we assume that it filled with blood) and was very painful for her until I removed the thread. It's had dead skin and oozing since.

Any suggestions?


Do u have to use horse hair? What else can be used?


I tried a natural remedy on skin tags for weeks - nothing. Finally tried the tying the tag which hurt initally. Had it tied for 3 weeks - it kept getting bigger and more uncomforable but bearable. Fnally after third week it turned black and fell off. Would do this method again now that I know it may take awhile.


I tried tying my own hair around my skin tags. Sometimes they got alittle sore, then they turned black and fell off.Wasn't painful at all.


It makes sense to me that the hair or thread method work would work because I have had several cut off by the doctor, and all he did was take a stitch around it and snip it off. He then put alcohol on the spot and then applied antibiotic ointment and a bandaid.


At this very moment I'm sitting here with a string tied around a skin tag ! It definitely works--I've done it before; not only on myself but my boyfriend as well. They DO grow back. The one I've got tied right now is in the same place as one I treated with a string about two years ago.


I have had skin tags my entire life. They are hereitary. I spent $1000's going to the Dr and having them remove them and it is very painful.I have had them cut off, plucked off, burnt off and several other methods. Some grow back and some dont.I am tired of the pain and spending the money.I tied several of mine and they fall off but they get very tender.Whoever said cut them with clippers must be able to handle pain...cuase that hurt even worse...

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