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Take a TYLENOL PM or a sleep aid such as simply sleep with Ibproufen ...

its as simple as that

do it right before you go to sleep after drinking. It will make your sleep unrestless... as you get when the alcohol wears off and so does the sleepiness waking you up.

I dunno why it works... but my friend gave me one and I slept 8 hours and woke up and felt better than I had the night before. I have now used it everytime I drink and have never woke up feeling gross!

try it.. it works wonders

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I've tried your method and quite agree. However,a warning, if you take it on a consistent basis you build up a tolerance and it no longer works. It took me a loooong time after that for the PM pills to do what they were supposed to. So if you drink heartly on a regular basis this may not be the best choise for you.


Tylenol (acetaminophen) of any kind should not be used with alcohol. They are both toxic to the liver. In addition, sleep aids may have components that cause liver damage.


Only try if you wanna die...severe liver toxicity man...


WTF is wrong with these people taking all these pills while drinking! INTERNAL BLEEDING ....that definitely feels much better then a little hangover...


Tylenol with alcohol is a HUGE no no. Depressants such as the antihistamine in tylenol pm can cause you to die if mixed with alcohol. How stupid can you be?

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