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Take a swim in a cool pool. The cholorine will take the itch out and help the hives disappear within a few hours!

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I tried yogurt. I used it like a plaster on my arms. but it should be 'Stoney Field Yogurt' because it has 6 live active cultures. The Kroger/Dannon brands have 1 or 2. I have also tried garlic oil. It promotes healing, if your family can stand it. And I asked for prayer. I have been to the emergency room too many times. It can get scary. I think prayer made the difference. Jesus is the Great Physician!


This did not work for my son who is still covered in hives.


This made my hives worse. I was in the pool for about 10 minutes and I could feel the burn and inch begin to spread. By the time I got out and showered off the hives had spread from just my torso to my eyelids, ears and most of my body. Do not listen to this advice!!!! The chlorine is a bod idea. A cool baking soda bath is a much better idea.


Chlorine is a chemical and an irritant... Definitely not a solution I would recommend.


Chlorine is how I got hives in the first place. Chlorine irritates skin, it doesn't soothe it.


My hives are an allergic reaction town insect stingand it has become pphotosensitive. While the swimming pool didn't make them go away it did make it feel much less itchy and less red. As if the water is drying it out.

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