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Last year I received an e-mail that said to drink original Alka-Seltser (the original dissolving tablets) as recommended on the package at the first signs of the UTI. I tried it and I felt better after a day and the infection went away on its own, I didn't have to go to the doctor like I normally do. Fair warning though, it isn't the most pleasant stuff to drink.

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I also have had success with Alka-Seltzer. I put it in cranberry juice. It kind of takes the edge off. Be careful though if you put it in a small container, the alka-seltzer will cause the juice to foam up and spray everywhere when you open it back up. (lol, Speaking from experience)


I ALWAYS have Alka Seltzer on hand. It will stop a UTI in its tracks!


The Alka-Seltzer helps because it's very ALKAline (basic on the pH scale) just like the baking soda that some other people have posted about. It's an antacid, meaning it counteracts acidity within your body with its high alkalinity, again, just like baking soda. Neither of them taste all that great, but I'm sticking with baking soda because I can buy a whole box for like $0.58! Yeah, I'm cheap, so what? lol Oh, but yes, Alka-Seltzer and baking soda will both help with a UTI.


Alkaselzer plus Vitamin C pills and lots of water works really well:)

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