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For Pregnancy Heartburn-
I have heard that more heartburn you have, the more hair your child will have! Well, not sure if this is the truth, but taking all those Tums with calcium couldnt have hurt. If you are concerned about the makeup of tums or rolaids, my suggestion is this... Mix a tsp of bakin soda in a small glass of warm water. Mix, and drink as quickly as possible. Heartburn relief is almost instant, and has no bad chemicals that are unsafe for baby. Use it for nausea as well! YOU WILL NOT THROW UP!

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Avoid sodium bicarbonate — commonly found in the form of baking soda, but also sold as an antacid in tablet form — and sodium citrate. These are high in sodium, which causes you to retain water. And if you're far enough along in your pregnancy to have gone into a panic trying to remove rings from your swollen fingers or looked down in horror at your puffy ankles, you'll understand why that's the last thing you want right now! Vinegar helps, so pickles or a few tablespoons of mustard do the trick.


I have been told numerous times that too much calcium can be bad. It creates a buildup that can cause kidney stones. If the OTC stuff isnt working, try a prescription. Its the only thing that has kept me heartburn free through my pregnancies.


You should really be careful with this stuff, I use it to clean silver, pots and pans. And destroys teeth enamel, are you sure you want that in your body, in your baby ? Let me list what is in it, then tell me what is natural in it cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum sulfate, monocalcium phosphate. WELL ?


Yea I know a lady who did this and her baby was born naked.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been suffering from heartburn/reflux throughout the last part of this (my 3rd) pregnancy, but in the last week or so its gotten so bad that when I have a bit of stomach acid reflux I cannot talk for a moment and I taste blood. I of course need to speak with my dr. about this this week (at my regular appt) but this has given me instant and very necessary relief. Again, thank you! :)


Try instead to take a teaspoon of vinegar, it tricks your stomach into stopping the production of acid, baking soda reduces the ph balance and will just make the heartburn come back later even more severe.

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