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my husband got a couple of small warts on his feet almost 5 years. As a typical man he didn't use anything to get rid of them and over 4 years they got worse and worse, spread around his big toes and made it very uncomfortable.
So this year he decided to try some home remedies suggested on various web sites, including apple cider vinegar, duct tape, making the warts incredibly painful to walk on. After months of trying natural remedies he decided to finally visit his doctor who started a course of freezing the warts.
Even the doctor was shocked at how bad my husbands warts had got and told him it would be a long process, but my husband persisted and had treatment over a period of approx 3 months, again this treatment was extremely painful, generally from a few hours after the treatment and would last a good 2-3 days.

His doctor did mention in passing at the start that there was a liquid that can be used but never mentioned the name of it, and also suggested that it most probably wouldn't work so my husband never thought to get the name of the liquid.

Anyway, after a few months of treatment with the freezing, the warts were going but very slowly, so my husband decided to ask the doctor the name of this liquid he mentioned at the beginning. Its called DuoFilm, and my hsuband decided to use it once a day, every day for approx 2-3 weeks, and gave the freezing a break. Well the warts just dropped off themselves approx after 3 weeks after the treatment, there was minimal pain, and you would never know that he ever had warts on his feet.

Its the best thing he has ever used and I have used it in on a callous that I had on my foot and it also disappeared within 3 weeks, so would highly recommend it

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Where can i find this duo film liquid

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